Tuesday, October 28, 2008

4 Month Old, Dr appointment

They're both doing excellent & growing like Crazy!!
Talen's pushing further & further ahead of Kaden (weight wise.)

Kaden weighed 11lb 15oz & was 24 inches long.

Talen weighed 12lb 13oz & was 23 3/4 inches long.

They're in the 5th percentile for weight and 15th for length.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictures.......Birth to now!!!!

Well, here it goes. I know it's been a long time but here's a backlog of pics....Birth to 4 months old!! HOPEFULLY I can start making this a more regular event (updating with news & pics!!)EVERYONE is doing great now!! Growing & learning new things all the time.

Talen's Birthday

Kaden's Birthday

Took a Trip 2 DC 2 visit my granparents.....Grandad with Kaden, Talen, & Cadence (my cousin's little girl who is 1 month younger than the boys.)

Nan with the group

Hailey, learning to help change diapers

Up close & personal....3 months old

Learning to play with toys & to sit up in our highchairs

1st bumbo experience

Turning into little men

Halloween pictures w/ Big Sister Movie Star!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kaden's Jaundice Story

The day we left the hospital Kaden weighed 4lb 11oz & his Bilirubin was @ 15 (high.)

We got it rechecked the next day (Tuesday July 1) @ his 1st Dr appointment....he weighed 4lb 11oz & his billirubin had risen to 17.

He started the @ home lights Tuesday night.....45 minutes under the lights, 15 minutes out.....24/7!!

Wednesday July 2 he weighed 4lb 12oz and his Bilirubin had dropped to 13....good but not good enough to stop the lights.

Thursday July 3 his Bilirubin dropped even more, down to 10, so he was able to stop the lights (FINALLY!!)

Saturday July 5 he weighed 4lb6oz....weight loss & loss of appetite are side effects of the lights & can continue for up to 2 weeks after the lights but they weren't happt he had lost SO MUCH. His Bilirubin was still only 11 so they were pleased with that.

Monday July 7 he weighed 4lb 12oz, again so they were a little happier.

Friday July 11 he had dropped back down to 4lb 11oz SO they told me to stop breastfeeding him, pump & feed him out of a bottle so we can 'force' him to eat the 'normal' amount (1-2oz every 2-3 hours.)

Tuesday July 15th he was back up to 5lb 3oz.....great but he was still only eating when 'forced' so I have to continue the pump & feed until he seems to eat the 'normal' amount without us 'reminding' him he needs to......which seems like it will be NEVER!!!!

So, as you can see all is getting better but if between Dr visits, sleepless nights, & FEEDING (feed Talen, pump, feed Kaden...about a 2hr process...REPEAT) it's been very hard to find time to get on here & update everyone!!

I hope my next post will be just pictures (soon, hopefully!)

Birth Story (part 2, about mom)

Sorry this has taken so long....the next post will tell you WHY we've been too busy to update but for now, let me backtrack & tell you about my not so wonderful post-birth scare.

After seeing Talen in the NICU, for the 1st time, around 2 or so in the afternoon, I told Jeff I felt wierd, like I was bleeding or something. We went back to my room & that is the last thing I remember for the rest of that day (& talking to people after the fact, I realize there are things I've forgeten even before this point).......actually my memories don't come back until Saturday.

From what everyone's told me, here's the story:
My nurse came in & realized I was bleeding MUCH more than normal. She called in 1 nurse for a 2nd opinion.....eventually 5 nurses were in the room, trying to see what could possibly be wrong. They finally called my Dr to come in & soon after he got there I was being wheeled to the OR so he could stop my hemoraging. He ended up doing only a D&C but said he was close to doing a hysterectomy if the D&C didn't work. I ended up loosing so much blood that I needed blood transfusions. I didn't leave the recovery room (finish getting my blood) until 5 a.m.!!! Talk about a scary day, for me & everyone that thought I there waiting to hear a 'good' outcome.

Friday I was on Demerol (straight thru my IV) so I was out of it & don't remember much. Jeff filled me in on who visited & some of those visitors have filled me in on some very funny stories about things I said (& some not so nice things I said or did!!)

Monday, before I left the hospital, my blood count had dropped, again but it has gradually come back up on it's own. I am finally feeling like myself again.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birth Story (part I).....2 Wonderful Healthy Boys....

I figured I would update you in 2 parts.....1st the good news, 2 wondfully healthy boys being born & 2nd the scary news, my post delivery near death experience!

Kaden was born @ 9:08 a.m., weighed 5lb 9.9oz, & was 19 inches long
He was sent to the Nicu for a few hours, just to monitor that his temperature remained stable. He was in our room by around 2 pm'ish the same day. He has been fine since.
He weighed 4lb 11oz when we were discharged from the hospital (Monday June 30.) He had a touch of jaundice & we're still waiting to see IF we'll have to have some home lights but hopefully not.

was born @ 9:09 a.m., weighed 5lb 6.6oz, & was 18 inches long
He was sent to the Nicu overnight because he needed help maintaining his temp + he needed some oxygen. He was taken off oxygen @ midnight but didn't get to join us in our room until Friday morning @ 7 a.m.
He weighed 4lb 10oz when we were discharged from the hospital & is 100% healthy.

BOTH boys have thier days & nights mixed up right now......hopefully that will be a quick transition!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kaden & Talen will be born Tomorrow....

I went in for my doctors appointment today. I had an ultrasound & Kaden was estimated to weigh 6lb 4oz and Talen was estimated to weigh 5lb 13oz. EXCELENT weights.

I've been having tons of intense contractions the last few days & come to find out, I actually dilated some so the Dr said if I was ready, they were ready (literally, probably wouldn't make it till Tuesday's original 'scheduled' arrival)

After he explained that he thought they would be fine to deliver w/ less than a 10% chance of ANY Nicu time (probably none though), I jumped on the opportunity to meet my boys tomorrow!!!!

I have to be @ the hospital (Medical Center) at 6a.m. & my C-sec is scheduled for 8:30 a.m.!!!!!!!

Hailey seems to be as excited as anyone.....has her 'big sister to twins' shirt ready for tomorrow & her presents to her brother's wrapped. She was even excited to move the position of her car seat because sitting in the third row is the 'big sister' row:)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Had an overnight hospital stay

Thursday evening I noticed what I thought was a liquid filled sac type thing, forming below my belly button that seemed to be swelling or getting a little bigger.

I called the Dr on call (my dr was out of town) & he told me to go to L&D, to get it checked out. The nurses there recommended he come it because they'd never seen anything like it. He did an u/s & said he couldn't realy diagnose it but it could be that my facia (sp? basically my belly wall) had spread so thin that it just felt wierd & soft compared to the rest of my stomach....or it could be early signs of a uterus abrubtion.....or it could be a hernia but if it is, my 'big' uterus is in the way of bowels or intestines from coming thru & it would just have to be repaired during my C-sec (nothing could be done now.) The only immediate BIG worry is if it was a uterus abruption....then I would need to deliver ASAP.

He admitted me overnight & recommended that the Dr. Body (a perientologist)come in 1st thing in the morning & do a more thorough u/s so, I stayed (on nothing to eat after midnight orders, in case they had to deliver after my u/s in the morning if it was a uterine abruption.)

5pm the next day they FINALLY came & did my u/s. It was just one of Dr. Body's techs, not actually Dr. Body, as the on call Dr had said it would be......he had already gone home & wasn't going to check the u/s or me until Sat morning.

Pretty much, needless to say my 19hr starved pg self wasn't very happy that I had waited that long for what seemed like nothing & neither was the on call dr......he let me go on the basis of the u/s tech's report & basically appologized to me, all the while making it clear how upset he was with how Dr. Body had told him he would personally do the u/s & do it that day but instead sent a tech & went home. He also made it clear he would NEVER ask Dr. Body for a consult for another one of his patients & would inform my dr, when he gets back on monday, of how horribly he thought Dr. Body had treated me & ask that he too never use him for any of his patients in the future.

Anyway, the tech said the u/s didn't show anything concerning & the babies looked great so I guess it's just some water retention in that area or at the very worse, maybe a hernia.

Kaden was 5lb1oz & Talen was 4lb13oz (both gained exactly the same.....5oz in 9 days.)